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Working together to address the $250bn SME credit gap * across the GCC.

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We’ve funded more than 100 Million Omani Rials, helping over 1,000 businesses in the region



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Our peer to peer lending platform directly connects your business with investors to fund your finance request in days.

No early repayment fees

6 - 36 months finance term

Fast access to finance

No asset security required

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We connect businesses with investors

Our platform offers our investors the opportunity to earn attractive returns by directly investing in strong, creditworthy businesses via a peer to peer lending platform.

Attractive returns

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Beehive became the first regulated peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in MENA in 2017

"I would certainly recommend Beehive to other businesses. Its fast, easy and has made a huge difference to my growth plans."
Stevi Lowmass
Founder, The Camel Soap Factory - UAE


The experienced credit team at Beehive rigorously assesses every application and only lists creditworthy, established businesses on the platform. Whilst we typically list established businesses, we may also list some early-stage businesses and lending to these may involve higher risks. You are lending to SMEs and need to be aware of the risk of default which could result in the loss of all or part of your investment. You may also experience delays in being repaid or may not be able to sell your loan on the secondary market if you wish to do so. As a lender, you should decide on your own risk parameters and diversify investments to limit risk. 
The risk band classification we provide on a Term Finance request is only a guideline and you will need to evaluate the creditworthiness of a Business. The financing contract will be directly between you and the Business. Beehive is not party to the contract and you make bids and financing on Beehive entirely at your own risk. Any bid you place will be final and binding unless certain conditions are met as set out in paragraph 6.3.6 in the Terms and Conditions for Investors. If in doubt, you should seek independent financial advice before placing any bid. In the unlikely event that Beehive ceases to exist, lenders may lose part or all of their money, incur costs or experience delays in being repaid.